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Ledge N' Woods Farm

Ledge N' Woods Farm Beef

Better than grass fed!

Here at Ledge N' Woods Farm, we are proud to offer both Purebred Angus Beef and Purebred Miniature Hereford Beef for sale.

Why our Beef?

Our on farm production of feed and quality care gives a better product for our consumer. Everything we feed to our cattle comes from our farm. We start with purebred stock from a trusted local farmer and follow a prescribed plan of raising them. The basis of our feed is Fodder. It is a highly efficient natural forage that we grow in our green house. This way our cattle have fresh pasture year round and, fodder is nutritionally better than natural grass. We custom mix all the seed so we are feeding exactly what our cattle need. For example; we feed a different mix to our mommas which focuses on giving high milk production for the baby and easy calving. For our steers; we concentrate on a high protein feed. We choose fodder because of increased digestibility and better nutrition for our cattle. Along with the Fodder, our cattle have 24/7 access to hay, a rich alfalfa hay and or a grass hay. They also get grain twice a day. We use NO HORMONES and our grain is conventional grain meaning no GMOS's. Our cattle receive no antibiotics unless our vet prescribes them. The only shots our cattle get, are their baby shots. We believe better nutrition, healthy and content animals are the keys to superior meat production!

Beef for SALE


Nationally recognized level of quality beef, our farm raised Angus won't let you down. Our melt in your mouth beef is hand raised and cared for by us. If you are looking for more meat, or have a large family, You can't go wrong with our Angus.

We are currently taking orders for our 2016 feeders! Message us now, or call, to get your name added to our list!


Hereford beef is by far the best beef you will ever taste. With longer bodies Herefords are known not only for their full flavor, but also producing more steaks! And what is even better about OUR Hereford beef is that it's miniature. Our Mini's average half of the weight of a standard steer. This means that this size of beef is perfect for the cost conscious consumer. It is also perfect for smaller families! You are able to purchase the perfect amount of beef for your family more frequently giving you fresher high quality beef without sacrificing flavor or quality!

We currently have one Miniature Hereford for 2016, but are hoping to add more as we calve.

We sell ALL of our cattle by hanging weight with the buyer responsible for all processing fees. We also require an approximate 50% down payment at time of ordering. Price per pound is determined by market price and the amount of beef you purchase. 

To purchase our beef please visit our "Purchase Beef" Page