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Ledge N' Woods Farm

Let your memories begin here with us, and our

Miniature Hereford Cattle

My (Lisa) greatest memory of this farm is of my father and grandfather. When I was young, my father had his own herd of Herefords here in Iowa. I remember as a child walking along the fence line with both of them checking on fencing as well as on the cattle. My most cherished memories as a child are from that time, bottle feeding calves, building hay forts, climbing piles of manure to help a calf that I swear was abandoned lol. Memories of my father and grandfather building Casey’s barn, that beautiful feed trough and all their hard work. However not everything can last. It was hard on my father to maintain a herd of cattle in Iowa while he lived and worked in Michigan. After many years of struggles, we as a family thought it would be best to sell the herd. I think it was his hardest decision to make. He loved his cattle dearly and so did I. I always told him and my grandfather, that when I got older, no matter what, I’d rebuild this farm and our herd. It will be bigger and better than ever before, something that they can truly be proud of. So here I am today, trying to live up to their standards, trying to remember everything they taught me as a child. My father is by my side guiding me like he always had, my grandfather is looking down on me from up above and I am hoping he’s smiling and approving. And here I am trying to create all of the same memories I had for my two nephews, for it is because of those memories that I am standing where I am today and if I can create a few more farmers from giving them wonderful memories and experiences than I have created much more. America needs farmers, Children need memories…

With all my Love and Gratitude...